Audience Members or those who have hired the VFO to play
VFO Members about their experience being in the VFO
Soloists about their esperience with the VFO



 "Sitting in the audience gives me the rare opportunity to hear how the entire orchestra sounds together, and I have to say it is wonderful! I could hear the harmonies, cellos, bass The well balanced sound lent its hand to the overall hearing around the room, but it was really the expert playing and expertise of the arrangements that made the whole thing worthwhile. Thank you everyone for another successful season.  Admiringly, Kenric"

 “Hi Sarah,  I loved your concert at the church in Barre.  There's nobody like you ever - to write and edit songs--memorize them - adapt them - and to make others comfortable in joining in with you and your partner/husband, John.  You two are the best !!!  Keep publicizing where you'll be this summer and we'll follow you.  Best, Sara Nevin”

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  "I've always had the love for traditional fiddle music and the VFO fulfills that wonderful need to come together with others of the same interest, to learn and have fun. The VFO is a very special organization full of wonderful and exciting people of all walks of life. I've been playing in the VFO for many years and I hope many more to come." ~Sandy Weaver

 "I enjoy playing with the VFO because I like being a part of a team of great people. It is a wonderful feeling to be part of an orchestra that creates beautiful sounds and harmonies for audiences to listen to." ~ Carol Noyes

  “I just want to share with you that I was not expecting to want to continue when I attended last night.  Probably because I have a busy schedule, like everyone else, and that I've played very little since I stopped taking lessons nearly a year ago.  But I am glad I signed up.  I was surprised that I found the evening to be so welcoming and encouraging.  I think this might just light a much needed fire under me to get back into the groove...."  VFO member

  "Under the direction of Sarah and John, I feel that all of us in the VFO learn from each other at all levels whether we are beginners or intermediate players. Sarah challenges us in a very gentle but direct way. The VFO has taught me the importance of listening musically.  I love my VFO fiddle friends. Over the years Sarah and John have raised my level of playing beyond what I could do in a lesson.  Being a member of the VFO has given me the discipline to practice, work hard on my intonation and rhythm and challenge me with more difficult tunes. And it is sooooo much FUN!!!"  ~Carol Moriarty 

  "I cannot imagine the courage and faith it took for Sarah to envision and found the orchestra. Through thick and thin she’s helped to guide us. She is an inspiration and a dear friend.  It’s been wonderful to be part of the VFO’s growth during the past 10 years. I trust in a grand future for the orchestra."  ~ Jane Nesbitt

"Sarah and John; With this being your last official concert, I would like to say that you have performed a great service to the musical community for the past 10 years. With your energy and talent, you have taught, directed and given people with a wide range of talent the opportunity to learn and play music together. Many probably never dreamed that they could. You've showed them that they have talent and have given players the confidence to get up on stage and show their families and friends they can do it and have fun. Many people are playing fiddles and other instruments today because of you two very talented and generous people. You folks are among my most admired people. Thanks for what you do and for what you have done. Best wishes regarding you future adventures.~Len Dessormeau 

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"Dear Sarah, John and everyone in the VFO, This is a very long overdue thank-you to all of you for the honor of being your guest performer, and spending time with you at the rehearsals and concert. I had been told on a number of occasions what a wonderful group of people you are, but I had an even greater time than I expected! You all also blew me away with your performances. You sounded really wonderful, and I know the work that it takes to achieve that level of performance.Cheers to Sarah and John for the initial brainstorm to put together the VFO, and I look forward to seeing all of you again sometime. Keep playing....it puts joy in the hearts of everyone who hears you...Sincerely yours, Beth Telford"


"I had a great time the other night, and I was very impressed with the orchestra, the complexity of the parts, and just the general way you ran everything....."  - Franklin Heyburn, VFO soloist 2007 & 2013


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